Because Young People Don't Need to
Fall Away from Faith

3 Amazing Modules to Help You
Lead Young People to Jesus Christ

Over 60% of young people fall away from the Church. We can do better.

Module I

The Mountains of Ministry

We'll start by diagnosing the problem. We can’t help young people stay connected with the Church if we don’t first understand why they’re falling away (and how ineffective ministry contributes to the problem).

Module II

Making a Ministry Map

We’ll create a ministry map that will help us develop our strategy. We’ll set forth where we are, where ministry needs to go, and the five challenges standing in the way of effective Christian ministry.

Module III

The Effective Ministry Practices

We'll respond to the five ministry challenges with the five practices of effective Christian ministry: transformative ministry for today’s young people living in today’s culture facing today’s challenges. 

About Your Teacher

Steven Christoforou

Steve is the Director of Y2AM. He's passionate about sharing the Gospel in a clear and accessible way and helping people see Christ at work in their lives. Steve and his Team create videos, podcasts, curricula, and retreats that have energized the faith of tens of thousands of people around the world. 

"Effective Christian Ministry" shares the vision that has made their work so transformative for so many people. 

Steve is a graduate of Yale University, Fordham University School of Law, and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.

Brave and Bold

Effective Christian Ministry is a brave, bold and honest step in manifesting God’s Kingdom in our youth ministries. Thank you for giving us this amazing gift! It's an absolute treasure! I look forward to putting this roadmap into practice in our Cathedral ministry immediately! 

Scott Davenport

Ministry Volunteer, Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation in Atlanta, GA

Re-Thinking Ministry

Youth Ministry workers in our parish attended a one-day preview of this course in late September and found it to be informative, illuminating, and challenging.  We have had two mini-retreats as a result already and are re-thinking how we engage youth today. 

Father Harry Pappas

Presiding Priest, Archangels Greek Orthodox Church in Stamford, CT

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Your Questions Answered

Who should take this course?

"Effective Christian Ministry" is for anyone who wants to lead young people to Christ. Whether you're a clergyman or a parent, whether you're a paid youth worker or a ministry volunteer, this course is for you.

To be honest, the material you'll learn in "Effective Christian Ministry" can be applied to ministry for people of all ages.

Should I take this course alone?

Developing a new ministry vision takes courage. And it's easier when you're not alone.

We strongly recommend that you encourage a fellow ministry worker to register for this course and take it along with you. 

In fact, many parishes are taking the program together: parents and ministry workers register individually and complete the lessons on their own; then they gather for a parish team meeting to process what they've learned and apply it to the community. 

Do I need a seminary degree?

No! Most of our Team have been to seminary, and we wish we had access to this course during our studies.

This course is for everyone. Because everyone can lead effective Christian ministry.

What if I don't like the course?

That's ok! If you're not satisfied the course, we'll happily offer you a full refund within 30 days of your registration. 

No questions asked.

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If you’d like to see the people in your care come to know Jesus as Lord and experience a taste of His Kingdom, then I’m inviting you to join us. Order Effective Christian Ministry and start leading effective Christian ministry today.

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